The impetus to start a Men's Shed in Colden Common was primarily due to the efforts of Adrian Kelly, with the help of Steve Badham, who obtained the offer of temporary accomodation in the Recreation Ground Pavilion on the Main Road from the Parish Council.

In June 2015 a general meeting was held to canvas interest in a shed for Colden Common. There was a good turnout of almost 30 people, and sufficient interest was shown to move onto the next step of renovating the workshop area of the Recreation Ground pavilion.

The inaugural general meeting of The Colden Common Shed Association was held on 23rd July 2015 at the Recreation Ground Pavilion to agree the Constitution, elect the Trustees, agree the membership fee and opening times, and discussion about potential projects and events.

On the 30th July an inaugral meeting of the trustees was held to elect the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, and to agree the basic operational requirements, sign off the insurance quote, etc. The shed was offically open from the 1st August, when the insurance came into force.

Over the next few months extensive work was carried out: new plasterboard ceiling and insulation; rewiring with new power points and lights; walls, ceiling, floor and doors painted; new workbenches built with storage doors, etc. We also built storage benches in the pavilion itself so that the footballer's kit could be moved out of the workshop area.

A quantity of tools and equipment have either been loaned or donated to the shed, and some new tools have also been purchased using grant funding. The complement currently includes hand tools, power drills and sanders, 2 band saws, router table, chop saw, mitre saw, table saw, pedestal drill, scroll saw, bench grinders, planer/thicknesser, woodworking lathe and metal turning lathe.

We currently have 19 paid-up members, and are active on project work, both for members and on items for sale.